Poll: “Madam President?” Which Of The SIX Female Debate Candidates Would You Choose?

female democratic candidates

Six women qualified for the June debates. Which of the six females from the first debates would you choose to, as Vogue put it, “Shatter the Most Stubborn Glass Ceiling?”

Take this online poll to cast your vote for which woman you’d like to see in the White House.

Poll Results

  • See the results of the poll here.
  • See the approximate location of people polled here.

Positive Attributes of Poll

Benefits of this poll include the following:

  • This poll is not sponsored by any mainstream media platform.
  • This poll only allows users to vote once.*
  • The poll includes each woman candidate that qualified for the first two-part debate, even Marianne Williamson, whom Vogue didn’t include in its “Madame President?” photo shoot.

Poll Limitations

Limitations of this poll include the following:

  • *Users could log on with different devices and technically vote more than once, but every candidate has that same advantage.
  • Poll can’t determine party preference of those polled.
  • There is no means to validate voter registration.

4 thoughts

  1. Tulsi Gabbard is the only candidate consistently talking about ending regime change wars, bringing our troops home & using the money we’ll save, a peace dividend, for domestic programs our people sorely need such as Medicare For All, College For All, rebuilding infrastructure, and protecting our planet. For more information about Tulsi please visit:


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